Ulfang AEthelwulf

Forest Warden Cartographer and Scout


75 years ago the hordes of Hextor worshipers were pushing the final remnants of the refugees out of the old kingdoms. The last of these great kingdoms to fall to the hordes was Brittany, a vast agrarian nation on the southern and western extremes of the continent. Brittany was the last of the free kingdoms to fall, her King, Uldran conceded defeat by fleeing the country with his infant son Ulwren and with his wife, Rebecca.

Fleeing with the last refugees to depart the Old Kingdoms forever, they found themselves on ships owned by the Church of Faraghlan and Celestian. King Uldran landed on the shores of Aerna penniless and without allies. He was no longer the king of anything. The Hextorian hordes establish a puppet on the throne back in Brittany and subjugated the people. Uldran was no more that just another refugee in Aerna.

Jobless, penniless, and without any real skill outside ruling and battle, Uldran fell in with the Forest Wardens as a means to protect his new home from the dangers of the forest. He could no longer serve his people as their King, but he could protect them with the Wardens. He pledged his family’s loyalty to the Wardens, forever binding the fate of his family to the fate of the fledgling kingdom of Aerna.

In time Uldran died, his name a distant memory in the lost sagas of the Old World, a nameless faceless hero here in the new world. His son Ulwren took up the mantle of Warden and continued to honor the family vow of service. Ulwren clung to the Gods of the old world as well, worshiping St. Cuthbert as had the Kings of Brittany for 500 years. Ulwren was made a ranger for his skills, and made a remarkable reputation for himself amongst the tight community of Wardens.

Ulwren took to wife a savage woman by the name of Ellyn. Not a refugee from the Old Kingdoms, she was a human native, one of the ones the locals refer to as savages. She was beautiful, and the call of the forest hadn’t taken hold of her mind. She joined into the Aernaen culture with little difficulty, and eventually gave birth to two sons, whom Ulwren named Ulric and Ulfang.

Ulric was the elder son, born four years before Ulfang. They were children of vastly different temperaments and interests. Ulric took after his mother, chaotic and free, never wanting to stand still for long, never wanting to submit to authority blindly. He loved the out of doors, but also loved people and towns and parties and boisterous music. Ulfang was by comparison, a quieter, more contemplative person. He was bookish by nature, and unusually smart, inquisitive and never satisfied with an answer until he understood it perfectly.

When the boys were still very young (10 and 6), Ellyn succumbed to the call of the forest. The madness the affected the local savages set in, and she was driven mad. One day she simply stood and up and ran screaming into the forest, tearing her clothes as she left. Presumably she became a reaver, as was the fate of so many locals. The boys mourned, and Ulwren did not live for long after, his love for his wife drove him into a depressed madness of his own and he passed quietly from the earth only a handful of years later.

The boys were forced to be their own family. While so many brothers grow up to hate one another, Ulric and Ulfang never had the luxury. Alone in the world, they needed to make their way together. Ulric was the perfect model of a King, growing up tall and strong. He had a full beard by the time he was 15, his shoulders were broad and muscular, and his hair was blonde and full of life. He was by all accounts a handsome man, a twinkle in his eye, and a smile on his face. People naturally are inclined to follow him, his personal magnetism and easy confidence infectious. He joined the Order when he was 17 and quickly made his way through the ranks. His natural leadership talent, his quickness and violence of action making him a favorite of the Wardens.

Ulfang by comparison was much quieter and contemplative. Born with an unusually keen wit, he preferred studying and thinking to the loud parties and contests his brother did so well in. But their was no animosity between the two. Ulric was the leader, the exiled King of Brittany, the warrior and the face of the brothers. Ulfang was the thinker, the adviser, the forethinker and the counselor. Ulfang also had a great love for the wilds and joined his brother in the Wardnes four years later when he turned 17. His quick wit, desire to learn and study, and his incredible aptitude for map making and memorizing things he saw made him a quick favorite amongst the rangers. No rivalry exists between the boys, Ulric is boss, and Ulfang serves him unconditionally.

Ulric’s ultimate goal is the return home to Brittany at the head of a large army and drive out the tyrannical Hexorites. He speaks openly and boldly about an eventual return home, and people tend to listen. His confidence and natural charisma make people around him confident that if they wanted to, they could one day return home.

Ulfang by comparison, has little desire to return to the Old Kingdom. He no longer worships the old gods, nor would he be King anyway, Brittany is Ulric’s, not Ulfang’s. Ulfang instead is fascinated by the Woods. He spends weeks at a time delving deep into uncharted regions to make maps for the Wardens. He is obsessed with discovering the mysteries of the long gone Elven Empire.

Ulfang AEthelwulf

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