Yondalla From Wikipedia,

Yondalla is represented as a strong female halfling with red-golden hair, looking determined and proud. She dresses in green, yellow, and brown, and carries a shield. Yondalla has two aspects that the halflings speak of in front of others: the Provider and the Protector. As the Provider, she is a goddess of fertility and growing things, of birth and youth. She can make barren things fertile and increase the growing rate of plants and animals to any speed she chooses. She can equally easily make fertile things barren, if she chooses. She can age, wither, and slay as easily as she can create, though it takes much to drive her to do this.

As Protector, Yondalla wards off evil influences and intrusions and gives halflings the strength and determination to defend themselves. In this aspect, Yondalla most often uses her illusionist abilities to protect her worshippers.

Yondalla is the patron deity of the Protectors of Yondalla, the political organization that signed The Contract fourth (after Wee Jas, but before Olidammara).

One will find the highest concentration of her followers in Hondar.

Despite popular belief, her church has MANY human and non-halfling followers.

Yondalla is one of the rare Good (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic) organizations in Aerna.


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