Wee Jas

Wee Jas Wee Jas background Title(s) The Ruby Sorceress, the Dark-Eyed Lady, the Witch Goddess, the Stern Lady, the Taker, the Lady of Book and Bone, Death’s Guardian
Home plane Infernal Battlefield of Acheron/Tintibulus/Patterned Web1; Acheron/Ocanthus/Cabal Macabre
Power level Greater/ Intermediate
Alignment Lawful Neutral (lawful evil tendencies)
Portfolio Death, Magic, Vanity (Love), Law
Domains Death, Domination, Inquisition, Law, Magic, Mind,[2] Repose

Wee Jas is the goddess of death, magic, vanity and law. Unlike other faiths, wherein divine forces are credited with the creation and constitution of the world, Wee Jas merely uses her divine status to further her investigations into the highest arcana. Wee Jas and her most faithful worshipers understand that the fundamental force of the multiverse is arcane. Arcana is the connection between life and death or even life itself, hence her interest in death. She is a highly philosophical deity with a complex theology, most of which revolve around metaphysical and ontological theories of mortal nature.

Wee Jas is the patron deity of the Ruby Order.

One will find the highest concentration of her followers in Ruby Coast.

Wee Jas

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