Wardens of the Woods

The Wardens of the Woods are a particularly bad ass organization of soldiers, formerly under the command of Chief Vindicator Mumford. After the Mumford Massacre, where many of the higher ranking officers were ambushed, the Wardens fragmented under minor leaders. The Conclave is expected to mandate a new leader.

The Wardens are an important asset in any investigation regarding the Woods. They are guides, trackers, and survival specialists – as well as versatile combatants. If theRuby Order needs to send a member into the Woods for a magical ritual, the Wardens are contacted to assist them.

The Wardens were also responsible for defending the border of the Woods. Certainly, the Wardens lack the manpower to effective guard the entire border, so the Wardens have invested in fast moving scouts and trackers to manage the massive frontier. After the death of Mumford, the Wardens have not been able to control the border effectively.

The most common member of the Wardens is a worshiper of Obad’hai. Many of these characters are druids, although warlocks, hexblades, and other durable casting classes exist.

Warden Special Forces: Monk/Druids (usually flying specialists)

Wardens of the Woods

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