The Ruby Order

Excerpt from Complete Champion, pg. 20:

“Magic the ultimate power. By mastering its secrets, you can break all the so-called laws of nature an reorder the world as you see fit. But the entirety of magic cannot be mastered in a single lifetime. Only through carefully studying the work of sages and wizards of the past can you gain a full appreciation of this power.

The fact that mortals must pass from this world does not mean that their knowledge must die with them. The church routinely uses necromancy to contact the spirits of the dead masters of magic, hoping to recover lost knowledge. Thus, the Ruby Order studies death for the purpose of further expanding its mastery of magic. Temples of the Ruby Order are filled with the ancient bones of long-dead mages, as well as carefully preserved srolls that hold the distilled knowledge and research of their lives.

The church of Wee Jas teaches that each life is an hourglass; when the sand runs out, that person’s life is over. But only the Witch Goddess knows when someone’s time is truly up. A cleric of Wee Jas who attempts to raise a dead ally knows that if the soul returns, that person was not yet ready to die.

The church also teaches that the passage of a soul into its afterlife is a moment of tremendous magical power, and its members have been trying for millennia to harness that power. Thus, members like to observe death firsthand. When a creature is taking its last breath, a cleric of Wee Jas might be nearby, taking copious notes and asking questions of the dying creatures.

Despite their fascination with death, followers of Wee Has don’t sanction the creation of undead except as an academic study. The view such pursuits as attempting to circumvent the laws of life and death – and only the Ruby Sorceress has that purview. However, some members of the Ruby Order believe that lichdom is an exception to this rule. A lich as selected its path of its own volition; it has not tried to extend the time allotted to another. Liches devoted to Wee Jas see their existence as an experiment in the nature of death and magic, with the clear understanding that they must destroy themselves when they have learned as much as they can from the experience. Those who do not are hunted down as heretics.

The followers of Wee Jas believe that the mind holds an undiscovered wealth of knowledge. Thus, one arm of the Ruby Order is dedicated exclusively to the study of psionics. This branch of the church has begun collecting the bodies of dead psions, hoping to learn more of their strange and obscure powers. The church as a whole is interested in learning how the laws that govern psionics and the laws that govern magic interact, if they do at all.”

Role in Government

The Ruby Order is the ruling body of the Ruby Coast. Judges are often members of the Ruby Order. The Ruby Order was the second organization to sign The Contract.


The Ruby Order is a collection of smaller sects that are divided mostly on theological grounds.

Ruby Vindicators

They are knights in the service of the Ruby Sorceress, usually sworn to protect powerful mages – although a few are powerful casters themselves.
The leader of the Ruby Vindicators was Chief Vindicator Mumford, but after the Mumford Massacre Chief Vindicator Hagg-regos was appointed.


The Ghosthunters are a special group of supernatural investigators. They are designed to be the investigative arm of the The Conclave when standard police practices fail.


The foreseers are a group of oracles, prophets, and diviners that inform and educate the hierarchy of Wee Jas.

Like with the followers of St. Cuthbert, almost every participant in the Ruby Order is of Lawful alignment.

The Ruby Order

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