The Far Wanderers

The Far Wanderers are secretive organization of priests that worship Fharlanghn and his brother Celestian. They traveled to Aerna 25 years after The Great Ships landed, ushering in the next wave of refugees. It is unknown why the Far Wanderers chose to come to Aerna, but rumor has it that celestial omens pointed them towards The Woods. Other theories are more mundane; perhaps they came to Aerna to simply avoid the Forces of Hextor.


Celestian’s priesthood is divided into seven ranks of ascending power and knowledge, each differing from the last in its number and the placement of the gems in its holy symbol. They search the world, the sky, and other planes for magical meteorites, artifacts, and lore relating to Celestian’s spheres of influence. They are adept at divinations. They are very studious and meditative, secretive, and detached from day-to-day existence. They will not use their expertise with stars and space to pilot warships or slave ships, and they will not aid unjust conquerors. Their favored weapon is the shortspear. They cooperate with the priests of Fharlanghn extensively.

* The First Order wears light blue robes. Their symbol is the ruby.
* The Second Order wears robes of light gray. Their symbol is the jacinth.
* The Third Order wears robes of violet. Their symbol is the topaz.
* The Fourth Order wears blue-gray robes. Their gem is the emerald.
* The Fifth Order wears dark blue robes. Their gem is the sapphire.
* The Sixth Order wears robes of the deepest purple hue. They use the amethyst as their symbol.
* The Seventh Order is the most potent. They wear robes of black, and their gem is the diamond.


Clerics of the Dweller on the Horizon travel to exotic lands, bless caravans, scout for armies, and record their experiences for others to learn from. They act as translators and diplomats, and help in the construction of roads, bridges, and hard-wearing shoes. They usually wear simple clothing of brown or faded green. They wander frequently, and seldom it is that one would encounter the same group of priests ministering at the same shrine. Fharlanghn’s favored weapon is the quarterstaff.

Because the road is the best teacher, initiates are trained in the ways of Fharlanghn by being taken on long trips. They are dismissed if they ask when the journey will be over, because to the faithful of Fharlanghn, the journey never really ends.

Clerics of Fharlanghn are found throughout the world on various journeys, but are most active in the Central and Southwestern Flanaess. There are two kinds of priests: urban and pastoral. Urban priests wear brown robes and maintain small chapels in cities and towns. Pastoral priests wear green and spend all their time wandering.

The Far Wanderers

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