The Contract

The Contract is the guiding legal doctrine of the new settlers of Aerna. It was pioneered by members of the The Brotherhood of Equals before the invasion by the Forces of Hextor. It establishes the rules for maintaining various autonomous and somewhat sovereign local governments.

The Contract stipulates that there are Judges, Sheriffs, and Mayors in each major settlements (25+ structures). Each local government is also responsible for fairly electing people into these offices. In addition, each town usually has two or three diplomats – political messengers – who are able to travel back and forth to the official capital city of Hai’grum. The Contract also stipulates that an authoritative presence is required of each major religious and political organization in Hai’grum, the capital city.


Right to a trial. Protection from theft, murder, rape, magical coercion, kidnapping
Guarantees a vote for townsfolk to elect their public officials
Three elected public officials per major settlement (Mayor, Sheriff, Judge)(35+ buildings)
The Mayor may appoint diplomats.
No slavery

Theological Compromises

Raising/summoning undead is always illegal but other necromancy spells are allowed in towns that vote for it.
No summoning of evil creatures.
Open worship of any of the Signing Religions is allowed everywhere in Aerna.
No worshiping evil deities.
Orders must respect oaths of other orders; ie, you cannot snipe members from one order to another.
On mandated missions, order members of all orders must follow the instructions of the appointed leader to the best of their abilities.
Any discovered holy relics must be returned to the originating faith’s order.
Any order can call for an investigation and no other order may interfere, unless by vote.


The roadways are to be guarded by the Order of St. Cuthbert
New settlements are to be chartered by vote in Hai’grum
Every order must have representatives in Hai’grum
All major settlements have defensive pacts
Organizes a pool of financial resources for national projects (like the Landerwood mines)
All scrolls 6th level+ must be kept and protected by an official order.
All supernatural sightings must be reported to the Ruby Order.
New roadways are to be constructed by the The Brotherhood of Equals
A state-of-the-art hospital is to be constructed in Hondar.
Investigations into the ruins must be executed by an official search team.

Major Political Appointments and Committees

In order to pass a mandate (a law that requires the votes of each major settlement), a meeting of representatives must be called. In this regard, The Contract has established a type of republic. Each major settlement gets a single representative. For smaller votes, the mayors usually send diplomats to Hai’grum to vote. Often times the major settlements will have embassies in Hai’grum to handle these simple matters. For more important votes, like the establishment of a new settlement, the mayors usually go to Hai’grum themselves.

When the representatives gather, it is called a Conclave. The Conclave is maintained by a presiding Judge, usually from the Brotherhood of Equals. At the moment, the head of the church of Obad’hai, President Markoni, is the leader of the Conclave. His job is keep the gathering on task, to ensure that the best interest of the people is in mind.

The Contract

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