The Conclave

The Conclave is the republican body of the The Contract. It is lead by President Markoni and Vice President Chadmos, and is assisted by Speaker Leril.

The Conclave can be called by any mayor, President Markoni, Vice President Chadmos, Speaker Leril, or the leaders of the respective orders – Ruby Sorceress Rakos for the Ruby Order, Highest Protector Engrana of the Protectors of Yondalla, Trickster O’Mallah of Olidammara or High Patriarch Rhedeios of the Order of St. Cuthbert.

The Conclave votes on suggested laws. When implemented, these laws are called Mandates. Mandates are to be accepted by all of the towns of The Contract.

Every five years, the Conclave elects the next President, Vice President, and Speaker.

A full hearing of the Conclave includes:
A representative of Landerwood
A representative of Hai’grum
A representative of Saint’s Rest
A representative of Ruby Coast
A representative of Hondar
A representative of the Ruby Order
A representative of the Order of St. Cuthbert
A representative of the Protectors of Yondalla
A representative of the Brotherhood of Equals
A representative of Olidammara*

*: Aboard The Great Ships, the commodore and his crew agreed to join The Contract. Shortly after landing, however, many of the crew disobeyed the warnings of the government and founded Rogue’s Point far to the west. (No one is quite sure why…) Five years ago, when Rogue’s Point was destroyed, their seat in the government was lost. The number of Olidammara worshipers, however, demanded that the council seek to represent them. A cleric of Olidammara named Trickster O’Mallah is the appointed representative.

The Effects of the Mumford Massacre

After the Mumford Massacre, the Conclave needed to appoint a new leader of the Wardens of the Woods. The Ruby Order is pushing for the next Chief Vindicator (Chief Vindicator Hagg-regos) to take over. The Brotherhood of Equals and Order of St Cuthbert, however, are both pushing their own candidates. The Brotherhood of Equals wants The Conclave to approve Druugen M’lar, one of the few surviving members of the Wardens of the Woods. The Order of St Cuthbert suggests that Lord Brack, the sheriff of Saint’s Rest, takes over.

The Conclave

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