The Brotherhood of Equals

This organization is loosely associated with the church of Obad’hai. Here is the description from Complete Champion, pg 11.

“Survival is not a right; it’s a privilege. If you’re worthy of life, you’ll find your place in the world; otherwise, you’ll pass from it. It is up to you to find your own way. The Brotherhood teachers that nature is not gentle. Obad-hai, the church’s patron deity, represents a more distant, and to many, a colder aspect of nature than does Ehlonna. Nature does not act altruistically, nor does it act in anyone’s benefit except its own. Nature is hard and selfish, and while it is full of beauty, she is also full of cruelty.

The church of Obad’hai teaches that all creatures of the natural world merit equal treatment. Its members place no stock in titles, so they might greet a peasant or a king as equals and call them both by name. Though the church does have leaders, no member has a title. Newer members typically defer to the knowledge and experience of more senior ones, but no member is considered innately more worthy to lead than another.

The Brotherhood of Equals does not maintain that all creatures are of equal abilities – after all, the strong typically achieve dominion over their fellows in nature. Even creatures that survive by cooperation, such as wolves, have an alpha member leading each pack. A leader who shows weakness is replaced quickly and efficiently for the benefit of all. Thus, advancement in the church is based solely on merit. Any leader who proves unequal to the task is removed by his peers – gently, if possible.

The Brotherhood of Equals does not tolerate the unnatural. Thus, the church’s members universally revile undead and slay them on sight.”


The Brotherhood of Equals were responsible for the initial drafts of The Contract and are backbone of the ‘federal’ government.

It is common to find Brothers in political position, although they are rarely Judges. Judges are most commonly LN members of the Ruby Order of Wee Jas or the Order of St Cuthbert.

The Brotherhood of Equals

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