Second Wave of Refugees

The Second Wave of Refugees took place in 1117y, 25 years after the original settlement of Hai’grum. Resistance groups began organizing an escape from the Forces of Hextor shortly after the hostile take over of the southern kingdoms of The Old World. The Second Wave of Refugees brought over a group with mixed backgrounds. The total number of new settlers is under two thousand.

The Escape

23 years after the southern kingdoms of The Old World were occupied and dominated by the Forces of Hextor, Magnus Dominic organized a great escape. With the help of the Union of Light and The Far Wanderers, Magnus Dominic stole a Hextorian warship and set sail for Aerna.

New Groups

The Far Wanderers – a secretive group of Fharlanghn/Celestian worshipers.
The Union of Light – a small but resolute community of Pelor and Heironeous worshipers.

Second Wave of Refugees

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