Rokugan is a geographical area south of the woodlands of Aerna and a dynastic empire ruled by Emperor Ikasti.

The Royal Bloodline claims to rule by divine right of the Mother Goddess, the Sun Woman Kodu.

Myth has it that a void disciple received visions from a nature spirit, who was trapped by a vicious outsider. The spirit told the disciple to travel the lands in search of the greatest warriors to vanquish the intruder. The disciple visited eight warlords, but all of them refused to help the nature spirit. Upon visiting a 9th warlord, however, a mighty warrior agreed to take up the task and set off to gather the other warlords. Together, the 9 warriors tracked the nature spirit to the peak of the Celestial Mountain in the south east. During the night before they ascended the mountain, Toku the Scorpion had gory nightmares of the horrors to come. So in the night, Toku fled from camp. The warriors, unafraid of the obstacles that laid before them, climbed the mountain to defeat the monster. They were not, however, truly prepared for the power of the great beyond. The outsider, Oni, trapped the warriors in a prison of their own fears. They fought against the shadows of their psyche but were unable to escape Oni’s powerful magic. In the real world, however, Oni was busy focusing on the spell and did not notice Toku the Scorpion’s return. Toku destroyed the Oni’s crystal focus and returned the warriors to reality. Together, they killed the Oni and banished his spirit to the great beyond. In his death throes, Oni swore that his children would return to this earth and destroy the clans. Once dead, the nature spirit was freed and rewarded the warriors. To each warrior, the spirit ensured that they would lead a prosperous barony. Ikasti’s ancestor, however, for his courage, received the greatest gift of all – he was given the right to rule above all the other clans in the name of the Sun Goddess, Kodu. Ikasti built his capital city upon the slopes of the Celestial Mountain and the other warriors obeyed his command.

The Scorpion Clan is both respected and reviled. The Scorpion Clan believes that it is loyal above all other clans and is willing to do what is necessary, even dishonorable, to protect the empire and the royal family. Others think that the Scorpion Clan is always waiting for an opportunity to usurp the throne.

Within the Scorpion Clan itself, the creation myth is told with slight alterations. Toku did not run from battle, as the more broadly held myth implies. Toku, according to the Clan, was visited by the Moon God, Bandu, during the night. Toku left with Bandu to learn special powers, the power of the Moon and night. Toku and Bandu meditated until dawn, when the time came for Toku to ascend the mountain. Toku was able to bypass Oni’s powerful mind-magic because of his training with Bandu and ultimately saved the warriors.


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