Order of St Cuthbert

OrderofCuth The Order of St. Cuthbert is the organized and militaristic union of St. Cuthbert worshippers in Aerna.

The Order of St. Cuthbert was the third signer of The Contract and is a proud participant in the government.

The Order of St. Cuthbert typically serves the role of ‘state police,’ guardians of the roadways that connect the settlements to each other. They are also called in by Judges and Mayors to investigate higher profile crimes or mysteries. The investigators are usually not welcomed by the Sheriffs, as it is a conflict over jurisdiction and the Sheriffs are less likely to be re-elected if the Order are constantly involved in the goings on of the town.

Role as ‘State Police’

Some special units of the Order of Saint Cuthbert, the Cavaliers, have been instructed to guard the roads. This order of mounted soldiers is essential to the continued economic success of the nation.

Knight Hospitalers

In addition to protection, some members of the Order of St. Cuthbert were trained as Hospitalers in the Hondar Hospital. These medics travel with the state police and do their own investigations. The Hospitalers are run by Commander Farnell, the Plague-Breaker.


Lastly, following the lead of the Wardens of the Woods, some Cuthbertine warriors have adopted flying mounts for incredible speed. The Lawriders are a potent but small group. Their leader is Arogus Vanderbeak.


Order of St Cuthbert

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