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The Chronicles of Aerna

This is the campaign wiki. For role-playing purposes, this is considered to be a text that is being managed by the Brotherhood of Equals in Hai’grum.

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Character Creation Limitations
There are a few limitations to this campaign. As always, please run everything by me.

No Elves, Outsiders

All PCs must have an active profession. You didn’t start as adventurers. Since skill points are more valuable in Pathfinder, all characters start with 1 bonus skill point that is to be used in a profession skill. The class skill bonus will apply.

Gestalt characters, level 1

How is this campaign different?

-Gestalt instead of standard progression : I want you to feel more powerful without slamming against the level cap.
-Starting at low levels : I want to use lower level monsters and encounters that become trivial past level 10.
-(More) core pantheon : Goodbye Horus-Re, hello Wee Jas, Obad-Hai, Yondalla, Olidammara, and St. Cuthbert.
-More realistic backstories : Professions, families, dramas will be required.
-Good alignment : I believe good the hardest alignment to RP and I intend to push that envelope.
- Political diversity : The party is no longer in the politically homogeneous desert.
-Slower Paced Timeline : Time for crafting, travel, R&R, and character development.
-Room for a permanent base of operations : The settlements become prime real estate for a centralized headquarters or questing hub. (A place to call home)

h4. Campaign Timeline

Event Campaign Timeline
1000y – Forces of Hextor conquer their neighbors.
1080y – The Forces of Hextor approach the southern kingdoms.
1085y – The Contract is created by the Brotherhood of Equals.
1086y – The Ruby Order, a neighboring state, signs the Contract.
1087y – The Order of St. Cuthbert signs the Contract.
1088y – The Forces of Hextor close in on the old capital of Obad’hai.
1089y – The Protectors of Yondalla sign the Contract.
1090y – The Great Ships leave port in the old capital of Obad’hai.
1091y – The Commodore and his men agree to the Contract.
1092y – The Great Ships land near present-day Hai’grum.
1092y – Ruby Coast is founded.
1093y – Saint’s Rest is founded.
1094y – Hondar is founded.
1094y – The Plague begins in the west.
1099y – The Conclave mandates the creation of the Hondar Hospital.
1100y – The Plague is contained and eliminated by the churches.
1117y – The Second Wave of Refugees arrive in Aerna.
1122y – Landerwood and the Landerwood Mine are established.
1137y – Rogue’s Point is destroyed by unknown forces.
1142y – Mumford Massacre cripples the Wardens of the Woods.

Character Backstory Help

Your character might a member of:
The Ruby Order
The Order of St. Cuthbert
The Protectors of Yondalla
The Brotherhood of Equals
Wardens of the Woods
The Far Wanderers
The Union of Light

Your character might be a:
of a given town or might be a founding member of a new settlement.

If you are interested in magic:
Wee Jas and The Ruby Order
The Hospitalers of Hondar Hospital
The Far Wanderers

If you are interested in the wilds:
Rogue’s Point
The Woods
Wardens of the Woods
The Far Wanderers

If you are noble or vicious:
Good (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic)
Evil (Lawful, Neutral, Chaotic)

The Great Ships
Rogue’s Point

Ruby Coast
Saint’s Rest
Rogue’s Point (Now destroyed)

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