Landerwood is the newest of the major settlements in Aerna. It was created by a mandate of the federal government to produce and refine precious metals. Townspeople from every town were asked to settle there, but only the bravest and the poorest chose to move there. Landerwood is unfortunately located near The Woods. Landerwood also has the largest Nightwatch of any of the settlements and is run by a particularly militant Sheriff.

It’s a relatively small and spooky town under a thick canopy of dark green and gray trees. It is surrounded by a massive wooden wall, manned by over 60 men.


Mayor: Banner the Croneslayer
Sheriff: Theogrim
Judge: Martin Scalpisius


Landerwood was chartered as a refinement locale for a nearby mine. This mine is the largest known mine in Aerna, with stores of gold, silver, iron, platinum, and even small quantities of mithril.




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