Project Dolphin

The Adventure Begins

Our intrepid adventurers first gathered at the final resting place of Chief Vindicator Mumford, following his famed Grand Funeral Tour ‘42. Ulfang AEthelwulf, a Warden of the Woods, Byrne Maerncas, an oathbreaker, and Kazuo Ushigome, a devilishly handsome foreigner, had all come for their own reasons, but were soon united by trouble on the road. Spotting a pair of wounded travelers being interrogated by Order members, the trio opted to investigate. While Byrne’s brand went thankfully unspotted, Ulfang’s personality was more than sufficient to put the men into a bad mood. After a healthy dose of petty squabbling, it was determined that the Order had no intention to infringe on the Wardens’ jurisdiction in the first place, and Ulfang headed for the woods with his new companions in tow.

In the woods, Ulfang followed the tracks left by the caravan’s attackers and soon, a large wolf. Upon arriving at the scene, however, it was discovered to be a massacre. The raider’s bodies were stacked like kindling, and the only survivor was a mysterious pregnant woman, covered in blood. The party made haste to exit the area, whilst Kazuo, the only one smart enough not to dismiss his horse, lent it to the hysterical woman. Soon, it became clear they were being stalked. The enormous wolf whose track’s Ulfang had spotted emerged from the brush, surprisingly nonthreatening in the way only giant wolves can be. Before the meeting went any further, however, a negro pygmy Kazuo had discovered up a tree leapt down, beheaded the creature, and fled. Slightly confused, the party departed the forest with a bit of wolfmeat, and found their horses grazing at the forest’s edge.

Continuing on to Maplethorp Thorn, the trio headed directly for the local tavern, relying upon the bartender’s unique exposure to help identify the woman. He soon declared her to be Sara, a gyspy woman that had passed through town a scant few months ago. After both the bartender and Fyszus, the Celestine scholar Ulfang befriended at the funeral, allayed the party’s fears of nefarious parentage, the woman soon went into labor. Ulfang assisted in the birth, Kazuo stood awkwardly by with a bucket of water, and Byrne went gloveshopping before having a drink. Though the child was well, the mother perished, and the party left the town to follow Ulfang’s heathen traditions and bury her near the woods. A short while into the burial, they were attacked by a trio of reavers. Though they were quickly dispatched, reinforcements were not far behind. Ulfang and Kazuo fought bravely, and Byrne shot Kazuo in the hand. It totally wasn’t cool.

DM Addition: While at CV Mumford’s Estate, the part was alerted by Lord Benegard that women have been disappearing in the area. He suggested to Byrne that he should investigate a town called Maple. While in the small hamlet of Thorn, a bartender alerted the party to a strange nobleman who arrived a few weeks ago. He claimed to be on a quest to find his princess. He cited omens that she would be the most beautiful women in the small village. He befriended a girl named Mary, convinced her to marry him, and they left never to be seen again. Thorn is NOT the town originally suggested by Lord Benegard; perhaps the same nobleman is behind the disappearances there too.



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