Project Dolphin

S5: Through the Mountain Pass

The party emerged from the forest with two Barbed Devil corpses and a massive obsidian greataxe. They gave the evidence to Special Vindicator Sandor, who was bound for the Ruby Coast to report on the findings. The party continued on towards Landerwood, hoping to cross through a mountain pass that connects the central lands around Saint’s Rest to Landerwood.

The party discovers, however, that the gate is closed. A massive wooden fortification operated by Cuthbertine Knights guards the mountain pass. They allow the party to enter in order to speak with their leader, Commander Brandlin. Brandlin is young for a commander and appeared nervous. He informed that the party that the roadway is closed due to raids by savages. Moreover, his father – the original Lord Commander of the Gateway, went missing on an expedition into the savage lands. Brandlin let the party pass through the mountains at their own risk on the premise that they report any findings about his father.

The roadway was littered with corpses of both Cuthbertine knights and savages. A few peculiar bodies, however, raised alarm. They secreted a greenish-yellow puss. After traveling for a few days, the party is ambushed by savages and taken captive. The warband was lead by a massive man who spoke perfect Common. He introduced himself as Tyollar Bookbinder, the son of the Judge in Saint’s Rest. He fell in love with a savage huntress and joined their cause. He was subsequently branded an oathbreaker by his Cuthbertine relatives.

Tyollar took the party up to the Earth’s Fold, a well fortified outcropping of rock and dirt where the savages have set up camp. Tyollar brings the party to the savage elder, Elder Ka. She is an old, ragged human woman who speaks in a foreign tongue – a language later revealed to be Elven. She is caring for the missing Lord Commander, who is infected by the same corruption as the corpses discovered earlier. Ka, through a translator, tells the party that they can save the Lord Commander if they go into the savage stronghold and retrieve a vial of water from a sacred fountain. Many of the savages object to strangers in the stronghold, but Ka calms them. Ka also warns the party that the stronghold has been infested with undead and other abominations of nature. She has reason to believe that her adopted daughter, Morgana, is the root of the evil.Morgana was abandoned in the woods by travelers and taken into Ka’s care. Morgana was raised as a savage but grew apart from her mother and friends – withdrawing into the forest. Years later, she returned to claim the stronghold for herself and was beaten back. Ka thinks that since the corruption targeted the stronghold so directly, Morgana might be behind it.

The party entered the stronghold with Tyollar and his wife. It is an ancient Elven citadel on top of a tall mountain. As the party ascends, they encounter a variety of evils – slimes, corrupted wolves, undead ect. At the top of the citadel, they realize that they are in a caldera. At the center is an altar. The entire caldera is highly magical and it enhances all magical effects cast within it. A beautiful woman sits upon the alter and introduces herself as Morgana. She believes that the party was sent to kill her so she summons mud and air elementals to dispatch the party. Before she departs, she leaves a cryptic message: she claims to be the first Keeper of the Leyline. Wisdom reveals that this caldera must be a node on such a leyline.

The party recovers the water and heals the Lord Commander. Tyollar escorts the weak Lord Commander to the Cuthbertines and brokers a peace agreement between them.

The party continues on to Landerwood.



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